This is kind of like a bastardized version of the Creative Commons License. I doubt
if even 1% of images posted to the web are posted either by the 'artist', or with
permission of the 'artist'. By posting an image to the web without a watermark (or
in some cases, with an easily removable watermark), you are acknowledging that
anyone and everyone may download a copy and do whatever they please with it,
and there really isn't anything you can do to stop them. (Disabling the right-click
menu only works on the technologically illiterate.)

Additionally, posting any sort of original content to a *chan site is essentially
guaranteeing that it will be endlessly modified and reposted. Which really means
you forfeit any copyright to the creation and any derivitave works. In conclusion,
this license permits anyone to use a visual work in whatever means they see fit
while owing no royalty, reference, or acknowledgement to the original source.
If you can see it on your screen, do whatever the hell you want with it.

But if you're Hot Topic and making t-shirts from it to sell in your store, you should feel bad. Because, you're Hot Topic.

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